About me

I'm a freelance creative who loves all things photography, design, and writing.

Hi! I'm Trish. I've been a messy creative since before I can remember. As a kid, I was always cutting snips of paper, gluing stuff together, painting, sewing, or drawing. I never had one thing that kept my attention. As an adult, I have the same creative, free spirit. I'm a traveler, a photographer, a writer, a designer... basically whatever captures my attention on any particular day.


This is Me

What is it that lights a fire under you? Pursue that thing.
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My Story

I’m a firm believer in living life to the fullest and embracing moments that may pass and never come again. To some it may seem frivolous, but to me it’s necessary. It’s like air to my lungs. There is no such thing as normal, but there is such a thing as passion and dreaming and embracing the person God created you to be. There is a huge difference between the people who pursue these things and the people who don’t. I want to be a pursuer of my passions.

Challenges give our lives meaning.

My Mission

Life is about connection. We connect with other people. We connect with nature. We connect with art. We connect with God. Through my words, photos, and designs, I want to help people to find connection... to God, to others, to their inner child. I want to encourage others to feel safe in the midst of vulnerability and to embrace the person God created them to be.

Don't be afraid of your dark places. Those shadows combined with your light is what makes you beautiful.

Through my lens...

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